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Debt Recovery


Debt Collection

Peter Woods Solicitors can help you recover outstanding debts and monies owed to you or to your business. Cashflow is the lifeblood of most businesses and an interruption or delay in your cashflow can prove fatal in some circumstance. Decisive, timely legal action taken at the opportune moment will greatly improve your chances of recovering the monies owed to you.

Combined approach

Our speedy and effective debt collection approach recovers monies using a combination of pre-legal, legal action and full enforcement procedures. Whether you want to take a softly, softly approach or to pursue full enforcement, we can help you. Talk to us today if you are concerned about monies due to you or if you suspect that a debt is about to turn bad.

Fast and Effective Service


Speedy, effective debt collection

Timely action can be important in debt recovery. If you are worried that a debt is not going to be paid or if you are worried about a third party’s ability to pay, you should contact us without delay. In debt recovery situations, it often helps ┬áto be among the first to seek payment. All too often, creditors who hold off for too long find that the coffers are empty when their turn comes around.